Allied World Perspective

At Allied World our business leaders are experts in their field and provide valuable insights and opinions on current industry events. You can read some of those perspectives below in our recent whitepapers: 

May 2017 –  Mike Jacapraro–  Pollution Risks from Natural Disasters and Response Case Studies This white paper outlines recent, noteworthy pollution risks and response case studies.

May 2017 –   DBA White paper –  Mitigating the Risk of Workplace Trauma -This original white paper draws on case studies and research while offering the appropriate ingredients to establish a culture that helps mitigate the risk of workplace trauma.

May 2017 –  Julian James, President, Global Markets – Getting on the right side of disruption - In this article Julian James discusses some of the changes that need to be made in the London market.

May 2017 –  J. Anton Koch, Senior Risk Engineer – Micro objects create mega risks - This article discusses the complexity around the Semi-Conductor industry.

April 2017 –  Environmental – Changes in Energy Regulation -  Marcel Ricciardelli contributes to Risk & Insurance’s article.

April 2017 –  Environmental – Severe Weather Imperils Fuel Pipelines -  This article looks at how severe weather incidents are increasing pipeline loss frequency.

April 2017 –  Casualty – U.S. Economic Nationalism -  Joe Cellura contributes to Risk & Insurance’s article.

April 2017 –  Private Company D&O – Broad Intellectual Property Coverage Presents Challenges in Private D&O -  Will Grein is featured in this Insurance Journal article.

April 2017 –  Bobby Bowden, EVP, Business Development – It’s a great time to be a Risk Manager - The article outlines why now is a good time to be a risk manager.

March 2017 –  Healthcare – A mock deposition will help you sail through the process with confidence -  Kristen Lambert contributes to this article in Psychiatric News.

February 2017 –  Enrico Bertagna, SVP, Business Development – Weathering the Political Storm - This article looks at how crisis management is essential in managing political risk. 

February 2017 –  Public D&O – A New Administration Poses Fresh Challenges for D&O Carriers and Their Insureds -  Thomas Zona discusses today’s D&O insurance market in this Rough Notes article.

February 2017 –  Healthcare Advisory – Responding to Negative Social Media Postings- Anne Huben-Kearney and Pauline Barry present risk management considerations to reduce the risks and challenges with responding to an online complaint.

February 2017 – Cyber Navigating the Minefield – From gaps in coverage to confusing terminology and hidden exclusions, choosing the right stand-alone cyber policy is a complex and challenging process. Jason Glasgow is featured in this Risk & Insurance article. 

February 2017 – Enrico Bertagna, SVP, Business Development Managing the Uncertainty of Brexit - This Insurance Day article looks at potential post-Brexit realities. 

February 2017 – Surety Smooth Sailing So Far, But Uncharted Waters Ahead - Robert Staples contributes to an article in the February issue of Rough Notes.

February 2017 – Healthcare Second Opinion on the Healthcare Industry - Looks at an industry that remains in the crosshairs of great change, examines what we’ve seen so far and offers predictions on what may/and may not happen next.

January 2017 - Healthcare AdvisoryRisks From Contaminated Heaters - Gwen Stokes' advisory on the dangers of contaminated heater-cooler devices presents recommendations and risk management considerations for healthcare providers and hospitals.

January 2017 - Lou Iglesias, President, North AmericaNorth America Newsletter - This newsletter provides insights on the second half of 2016 as well as an update on the Allied World teams in Bermuda, Canada and the U.S.

January 2017 - Builders' RiskContractors Request and Pay For Untested Builders’ Risk Exclusions - This ENR article includes contributions from Kris Feuerbacher and Joe Cellura.

January 2017 - Environmental - Environmentally sound? Insurer Appetite Remains Strong in Environmental Market - Marcel Ricciardelli contributes to the January issue of National Underwriter.

December 2016 - Julian James, President, Global Markets - 2017– The year of living disruptively - In this article Julian James speaks with Insurance Day and outlines some of his thoughts on what 2017 will bring.

December 2016 – DBA White paper Malaria continues to be a serious health concern - This original DBA white paper describes the serious health concerns posed by malaria.

December 2016 – Public D&O Dodd-Frank changes likely under Trump - Seeks to understand and predict changes to the Dodd-Frank Legislation and the potential impact under the next administration.  

November 2016 – Programs – Good Program Managers Have Host of Strengths - In an interview with A.M. Best, Grace Meek, SVP Programs, shares her perspective on the qualities of a good program manager.

November 2016 – Casualty - Wildfire Risks - In this Advisen article Rebecca Silvers and Michael Watkins look at the efforts utility companies are making to reduce risks of wildfires.

November 2016 – Cyber Cyber-Insurance - This Rough Notes article, by Jason Glasgow, discusses how risk awareness still lags in the Cyber-Insurance market. 

October 2016 – Cyber Volatility in the Cyber Market - Lou Iglesias, President, Allied World North America discusses the state of the market and need for continued innovation. 

October 2016 – CyberRegulatory Environment - This Advisen interview, with Jason Glasgow, includes insights into the current cyber insurance market, regulatory trends, risks and trends.

October 2016 – Healthcare Second Opinion on ACO Challenges - Takes a closer look at issues Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) must overcome in order to succeed.

September 2016 – Healthcare Second Opinion on Regulatory Exposures in Healthcare - Examines the key governmental regulations and trends that could impact our Healthcare policyholders. As federal and state scrutiny intensifies, and penalties for violations increase, it’s important to know (and hopefully reduce) areas of exposure.

September 2016 – DBA White paperMaximize Productivity and Minimize Fatigue with Fitness and Nutrition - This original white paper discusses how muscle fatigue plays a major role in on the job injury and how the risk of injury can be reduced by focusing on proper body mechanics, fitness and nutrition.

September 2016 – Programs White paperMarket Dynamics - This Advisen white paper explores the partnership dynamics between MGAS and Program Administrators.

September 2016 - Environmental White paper - Stay Informed on Emerging Environmental Issues - This original white paper provides updated information on United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Enforcement Initiatives (NEIs), Management of Pharmaceutical Wastes, Perflorinated Chemicals and Environmental Justice for Flint, Michigan.

September 2016 - Casualty - Competitive Pricing but Expanded Capacity in E&S Lines - Derek Broaddus contributes to this article in National Underwriter.

September 2016 - Casualty - E&S Market - Joe Cellura adds insight to this Insurance Journal article that looks at the state of the E&S market.

September 2016 - Casualty - Public Entity Risks - Derek Broaddus in conversation with A.M. Best at NAPLSO.

September 2016 - Environmental - Claims Environment for Surplus Lines - Marcel Ricciardelli speaks to Insurance Journal TV during NAPSLO.

September 2016 - Public D&O - How Low Can It Go? - Mike Piccione contributes to the September issue of National Underwriter.

September 2016 - Programs - Good Program Managers - Grace Meek speaks with A.M. Best at NAPSLO about the qualities of a good program manager.

September 2016 - Julian James, President, Global Markets - Global Market Newsletter  -  Read the most recent update for our European and Asia-Pacific business. 

August 2016 - Lou Iglesias, President, North America- North America Newsletter - This newsletter provides insights on the first six months of 2016 as well as an update on the Allied World teams in Bermuda, Canada and the U.S. 

August 2016 - Casualty- FAA’s New Drone Rules Ready for Takeoff - This article, written by Joe Cellura, looks at the new standards and regulations for Drones.

July 2016 -  Crisis Management A CFO’S Guide to the Strategic Applications of Accounts Receivable Insurance
This Advisen white paper explores how accounts receivable insurance can help CFOs grow their business, not just by mitigating risk but also by expanding working capital.

July 2016 -  M&A and Accounts Receivable White paper - Managing Transaction Risk
This white paper, originally published in Transaction Advisors, discusses the protections Representations & Warranties insurance affords during a merger or acquisition deal negotiation. It also explains how Accounts Receivable insurance provides much need cash flow protection after the deal is completed.

June 2016 -  DBA White paper - Accident Investigation 
This original  white paper discusses how to perform accident investigations in order to identify any underlying system failures and implement improvements.

June 2016 - Healthcare - Second Opinion on Clinically Integrated Networks  
This original series examines Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs): what they are, how they differ from Accountable Care Organizations, and exposures to consider.

May 2016 - Healthcare - Second Opinion on Impact of the Zika Virus
This original series focuses on the impact of the Zika Virus on the U.S. population in general, and Healthcare Organizations in particular.

May 2016 - Crisis ManagementProduct Recalls Impact on Business Financial Health
This Advisen white paper explores how product recalls can impact the financial health of an organization and what businesses can do to protect themselves.

May 2016 -  Environmental White paper - Mold Case Studies and Preventative Best Practices
This original white paper outlines examples of several recent, noteworthy mold contamination cases to show the proximal root causes that contributed in whole or part to the mold contamination, and what proactive measures companies can and should undertake as part of the property management, inspection and maintenance programs.

April 2016 - General Liability White paper - Unauthorized Occupants in Multifamily Housing
This original white paper is intended to illustrate recurring fact patterns where unauthorized occupants utilize their presence on the property to carry out criminal activity. It will also address the associated consequences and impacts, as well as the best practices to mitigate risk.

April 2016 - Healthcare White paper - Informed Consent for Research
This original white paper defines informed consent, explains the legal and regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials, and discusses various unique circumstances that may present challenges to the informed consent discussion.

March 2016 - Allied WorldWide Multinational InsuranceGlobal Insurance: Navigating a Complex Web of Exposure and Regulation
This Advisen white paper examines how expanding business internationally can create opportunities for growth and the unique set of challenges companies may face in new territories.

March 2016 -  DBA White paper Managing Soft Tissue Injuries
This original white paper provides recommendations and examples for establishing an effective soft tissue injury management program, which can assist in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees.

March 2016 - HealthcareSecond Opinion on Overview of Accountable Care Organizations
This original series focuses on a brief overview of Accountable Care Organizations.

February 2016 - Environmental- A Look at Environmental Risks for Property Owners -  Marcel Ricciardelli contributes to the February issue of National Underwriter.

February 2016 - Environmental White paper Adopting Better Waste Minimization and Recycling Approaches
This original white paper outlines best practices for reducing waste at the source as well as strategies for efficient waste management.


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